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About my line activation day

Discover what to expect on your line activation day and how to get connected to your TalkTalk Business services.

Will you send me anything before my activation date?

After you've placed your order we'll send you a welcome pack including all the details of your chosen plan and your activation date. Shortly before your activation date, we'll also post out your new TalkTalk Business router via Royal Mail. It's best to wait until your services have been activated before setting up your router, so keep it to one side until then.

For more information on receiving your router, visit About my router delivery.


Do I need to be at the premises on my activation day?

All the work to activate your line will be carried out at your local exchange, so you don't need to be at the premises on the day your services go live.


What happens on my activation date?

On your activation date we will connect your existing phone line without the need for an engineer visit. You may experience a short disruption to your phone service during this time, which usually won't last more than an hour.


When will my services go live?

You could go live anytime up to midnight on this day so you might want to set things up in the evening or wait until the next day to be sure everything is up and running. In the unlikely event that your services haven't gone live by the following day, please call us on 0800 083 3003 so we can look into this for you.


Getting connected

Once your services are live, you're ready to set up your router which we sent you in the post. You'll find a handy setup guide in the box with your router, or visit How do I set up my router? for step by step help with getting set up.


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