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About my router delivery

Your TalkTalk Business router will be sent to your business address via Royal Mail and will reach you on, or just before, your activation date. Royal Mail deliver Monday to Saturday and you can track your router using their parcel tracker.


Track my router online

If you have a parcel tracking reference number, you can track your order from the Royal Mail website. Simply enter your reference number into the Parcel Tracker and click Track!


I can't find my tracking number

A tracking number will only be provided once your router has been dispatched. Remember your router will only arrive on, or just before, your activation date.

Do I need to sign for my router?

Your router won't require a signature on delivery so you don't need to be at your premises to receive it.


What happens if I'm out when it's delivered?

If there's nobody available at your premises to receive your router it's not a problem. The router won't fit through a letterbox, so Royal Mail will return it to your local Delivery Office. They will also leave you an undelivered card with collection details.


My router has been returned to sender, what should I do?

If your router couldn't be delivered to you, and has been waiting at your local Delivery Office for collection, it will be kept there for 18 days. After this point, they will return it to us. Once this occurs, you'll need to contact us by calling 0800 083 3003 to arrange redelivery.


It's showing my router has been delivered but I haven't received it

If the tracker confirms your router has been delivered but you haven't received it, or an undelivered card, it's worth checking your router hasn't been left with someone else such as at a neighbouring premises. Following this, if you haven't received it please call us on 0800 083 3003.


Can I change the delivery time, date or address of my router?

We can only send your router to your business address but if you notice an error in the address details we hold for you please call us immediately on 0800 083 3003. Your router is sent out to arrive in time for your activation day, and can arrive between 7am and 6pm on the delivery date. 

We're unable to change the date and time of your delivery but it's not a problem if there won't be anyone available at your premises to receive it. Royal Mail will return it to your local Delivery Office where you can collect it.


Why shouldn't I plug my router in early?

We recommend waiting until your activation date before plugging in your router, as your TalkTalk services won't be live before this date. Please remember that your services can go live at any time up to midnight on your activation date, so once you've plugged in your router you'll need to wait until everything is up and running before you can get online. For help connecting your router, simply follow the steps in How do I set up my router?.

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