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Call Charges

To find out the cost of different types of calls, please select an option below.

UK call charges

At TalkTalk we provide great rates on phone calls within the UK and depending on your TalkTalk package the cost of calling will vary. 


If you're on the Complete Broadband package you'll have Unlimited calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles. To help you keep your bills low, premium and high risk international numbers are restricted as standard unless you tell us otherwise.



For the Simply Broadband package all calls are PAYG. Find out more about Our Current Plans.


Don't know what TalkTalk package you're on? You can view this in My Account by selecting the My Bills icon followed by the Recurring Charges tab.

To view or download a full list of our UK call charges, including feature services, directory enquiries and premium rate numbers please see Our Price List.

International call charges

We offer great rates on international calls, and charges vary depending on the destination you're calling and the time of day. 

To view and download a full list of our international call charges please view Our Price List.


Save more on international calls

If you regularly make calls abroad, why not save more with our International Boost? This includes 500 call minutes to our top destinations all for just £5.00 per month, available on both the Simply and Complete packages. Visit About Boosts to find out more.

Calls to mobiles charges

We provide excellent rates on calls to UK mobiles of any network from your business landline, and depending on your TalkTalk package the cost of calling will vary. 

To find out more about calling UK mobiles, visit How much do calls to UK mobiles cost?

If you're on the Complete Broadband package you'll receive unlimited calls to UK mobiles as standard, or for the Simply Broadband package all calls are PAYG. Find out more about Our Current Plans.


Save money on calls to UK mobiles

If you're on the Simply Broadband plan and regularly make calls to UK mobiles, why not add the Mobile 500 Builder Boost to your plan and save money on your calls? This Boost includes 500 anytime minutes per month to any UK mobile all for just £5.00 per month. Visit About Boosts for more details.


What are the charges for calling from a Business mobile?

If you're making calls from your TalkTalk business mobile to another mobile, please visit Mobile Pricing for details of charges.

Mobile charges

If you have any TalkTalk Business mobiles, you can find full details of our mobile charges for calls, texts and data by visiting Mobile Pricing

Free 195 Directory Enquiries

If you're not able to read or hold a printed directory because of additional access requirements, you can apply for the Free 195 Directory Enquiries.

Please call 0800 587 0195 (between 09:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday) and request an application form. Once you receive the form it will need to be countersigned by a medical professional i.e. Doctor, Nurse or other medical practitioner.

Once registered, you'll be given a PIN number and can start to use the 195 service. The 195 team are a dedicated team to support those with accessibility requirements. The service also offers a connect service which will connect you to the required number.

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