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How do I order TalkTalk Business Mobile?

We’ve partnered with our friends at Vodafone to bring you a great range of mobiles, tablets and tariffs from just £12.50 a month. 


Placing an order

Firstly we recommend you view our range of SIM, Mobile and Tablets on offer via our Business mobile website where we've introduced a different and easier way to buy mobiles and smartphones for your business.  

Once you have taken a look at our website, please call our Mobile Team on 0800 542 6887 8:30am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your options and place an order.


Sensible, generous price plans

We have sensible business plans for our Mobile phone and SIM only packages so you can easily pick the right one for you – all come with a generous allowance of minutes, texts and data.

TalkTalk Business Mobile is reserved just for you, our customers, which means we can strip out many unnecessary costs and pass the savings back to you. All our plans have a range of savings features built in and no hidden charges.

Please see below some common questions we get asked.

Can I keep my old number?

We know that when you change networks one of the most important things is to keep hold of your old number. We’ve made keeping your number as simple as possible.

You'll need to get a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from your current mobile network and supply this to us. You'll find everything you need to know about keeping your number in Port my number - To TalkTalk Business Mobile.

What is the network coverage?

We have award-winning 99% UK network coverage provided by our partner Vodafone. Enjoy faster internet and fewer dropped calls. Check out Vodafone's coverage.

How many mobile and SIM packages can I get?

If you wanted to take advantage of the great savings for other employees in your business, it's possible to purchase more than one handset or SIM. The number of services depends on a number of terms. Please call our Mobile Team on 0800 542 6887 8:30am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your options and place an order.

How much data do I need?

In technical terms, the data transferred over your mobile network is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).

1GB = 1024MB; 1MB = 1024KB; 1KB = 1024B; 

In practice, usage patterns vary between customers, but as a rough guide you can use the following:

1 hour of instant messaging 0.25-1MB
1 hour of web browsing 1.5-25MB
Download 100 e-mails 1-10MB
Download 1 photo 0.05-2MB
Download 1 MP3 3-8MB
Download 1 film trailer 7-50MB
Streaming 1 hour of audio 50-150MB

You can also consider 1Gb as being

Basic web pages (mainly text) 10,000
Rich web pages (with multimedia, e.g. BBC) 3,000
Basic e-mails 1,000,000
Rich e-mails (with attachments) 2,000
Downloading/streaming music 200 songs
Downloading/streaming video 2 hour
Listening to online radio 16 hours


How and when will I receive my SIM or device?

We’re committed to delivering your phone package or SIM as fast as possible. Please see Where is my SIM or device order? for full details.

Can I change my plan once I've agreed it?

Yes, you can change your plan at any point in your contract. For more information please see Changing your Mobile plan.

What warranty comes with the mobile?

Our warranty period covers the length of your contract.

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